An interior designer’s dream. 

I have always spoken about buying an old house, that needs a little TLC which includes renovating it to create a Home. I guess part of the desire comes from growing up, often amidst a building site, because my mom was often renovating, improving, and painting our homes. She created a space that was always warm, welcoming, and had enough beds to host sleepovers, friends from around the world, and of course a fridge full of food. While growing up I have noticed there is a huge difference between a house and a home. A house is the bricks and Mortar, a home is a feeling!

This time last year, when the world was in full lockdown, I was stranded in the USA (more on that another time) and my boyfriend was working from home. Our home at that point was a 2 bedroom apartment (a whole 75m2) which we loved. I managed to get back to South Africa, eventually, which meant my boyfriend and I were sharing our home 7 days a week, thanks to our Covid lockdown. We turned our second bedroom into an office, for both of us. The bedroom was an adequate size for a small child and a single bed, not two adult humans and their workstations.

Long story short we are still together, it was touch and go at one point, and we found a home that we can now each have a space to work from.

After a year of looking at properties, we found our home. She hadn’t been put on the market yet and we were luckily just in the right space at the right time. The previous owner, who showed us around, was a sweet little lady with a white fluffy dog. She opened the front door of the 90-year-old house and we were greeted by high ceilings and wooden floors. My boyfriend and I looked at each other and said ‘This is it!’.

It’s true, When you know, you know!

House Grosvenor plant



The agent reminded us it needed a lot of work and possibly a full renovation, something I can luckily see past being an Interior Designer. Buying a home to renovate, with good bones, was a line item on our house hunting checklist. A lick of paint, some varnish on the wooden floors, some demolition, and a small reconfiguration is what it would take to create our home. We knew none of the above would happen overnight but the house was ‘liveable’ for now.

One week prior to collecting the keys to our new home, and 2 weeks prior to moving house, we both caught Covid. We are good at timing things like this… My boyfriend and I were both man down for a solid two weeks, so we didn’t have that exciting key handover ceremony with champagne bottles popping and Instagram posts, instead, we were stuck inside our apartment with amazing friends who ran around bringing us medication, food and the keys to our new home!

Although we felt like zombies (and looked like them too) we went to check on the biggest purchase of our lives and what lay ahead of us in creating our home. It was an exciting time knowing we now had our own space, away from our screaming neighbor’s kids, and a space we could really call our own.


House Grosvenor shady tree


The grand old victorian lady needs a fair amount of love and of course, I have some exciting plans for her but for now, here she stands in all her glory, with weeds up to our hips, loose cords hanging from the ceilings, and a little brown dog, Benji, who is also excited to call this his home.

House Grosvenor new beginnings